St. Joe Native Webb Forms Presidential Committee

By Mike A. Bozarth
Senator Jim Webb Forms 2016 Presidental Exploratory Committee
Much media attention has focused on the likely candidacy of Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee.
There has been some talk about Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA), Vice-President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. The one thing they [...]

American Indian/Native Heritage Month

Consider Liberty, by Mike A. Bozarth
The first American Indian Day was celebrated in May 1916 in New York. Red Fox James, a Blackfeet Indian, rode horseback from state to state, getting endorsements from 24 state governments, to have a day to honor American Indians.
In 1990, President George H.W. Bush signed a joint [...]

Need For Rail Road Bridge Isn’t Going Away

By Mike A. Bozarth
We don’t have enough money to build a bridge over the rail road tracks along U.S. Highway 59 near the Stockyards Industrial District.
I get that.
But that doesn’t mean the need is going to go away.
Tens of thousands of people are cut off from emergency services [...]

To Our Readers On Our 25th Anniversary

By Mike A. Bozarth, Editor and Publisher
We have picked up several new subscribers recently. I, and the rest of the staff appreciate you reading The Telegraph.
Sometimes to understand who we are, it helps to know where we’ve been.
The History Of The Saint Joseph Telegraph
The Saint Joseph Telegraph was first published [...]

Beyond The Prejudice

By Mike A. Bozarth
Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Juneteenth Festival.
My favorite part of any festival (besides the food and music) is the chance to visit with friends.
I ran into some friends at Juneteenth whom I’ve known since I was 13 years old. My dad, then later [...]

We Need To Save Lake Contrary

I don’t normally pick fights–especially with those bigger than I am.
But today I take issue with a St. Joseph News Press editorial by Steve Booher that was in Monday’s edition.
“Sometimes it’s folly to fight Mother Nature,” was the headline for his column. He thinks our feelings for Lake Contrary are [...]

A Non-Smoker Asks For No Vote On Smoking Ban

By Mike A. Bozarth
I quit smoking last night so I could say that.
Actually, I gave up buying cigarettes Ash Wednesday for Lent. So far “this time quitting” has worked a little better than the three times I quit last summer.
This time I’m relying on an [...]

President Carter Believes NSA Spying On Him

Consider Liberty, By Mike A. Bozarth
Former President Jimmy Carter believes U.S. intelligence agencies are spying on him — so much so, he eschews email to avoid government spies.
“You know, I have felt that my own communications are probably monitored,” Carter told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell in an interview broadcast Sunday. “And when I want [...]

When It’s Your Name, But It’s Not You

By Mike A. Bozarth
Back in 1974 I decided I wanted to run for the St. Joseph City Council.
Even at the young age of 18 I was somewhat of a maverick. St. Joseph had partisan elections then, but I did not want to run as a Democrat or a Republican.
To run as an [...]

The Column That Wasn’t

By Mike A. Bozarth
Owning a newspaper and writing a column like this one can be an awesome responsibility.
I wrote a column for this space earlier in the week. I was upset over some news I received, and I proceeded to give them a scolding and a piece of my mind.
I decided [...]


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