A Non-Smoker Asks For No Vote On Smoking Ban

By Mike A. Bozarth
I quit smoking last night so I could say that.
Actually, I gave up buying cigarettes Ash Wednesday for Lent. So far “this time quitting” has worked a little better than the three times I quit last summer.
This time I’m relying on an [...]

President Carter Believes NSA Spying On Him

Consider Liberty, By Mike A. Bozarth
Former President Jimmy Carter believes U.S. intelligence agencies are spying on him — so much so, he eschews email to avoid government spies.
“You know, I have felt that my own communications are probably monitored,” Carter told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell in an interview broadcast Sunday. “And when I want [...]

When It’s Your Name, But It’s Not You

By Mike A. Bozarth
Back in 1974 I decided I wanted to run for the St. Joseph City Council.
Even at the young age of 18 I was somewhat of a maverick. St. Joseph had partisan elections then, but I did not want to run as a Democrat or a Republican.
To run as an [...]

The Column That Wasn’t

By Mike A. Bozarth
Owning a newspaper and writing a column like this one can be an awesome responsibility.
I wrote a column for this space earlier in the week. I was upset over some news I received, and I proceeded to give them a scolding and a piece of my mind.
I decided [...]

Are Drone Attacks Turning US Into Terrorists?

By Mike A. Bozarth
I think it should be clear that America needs to take a serious look at our use of drone strikes.
International agreements have made assassinations of political opponents “off limits.”
Yet I fail to see how our government’s use of drones to take people out is any different.

The Saga Of Trying To Quit Smoking

After reading the headline above you may be thinking that I’m obsessing over tobacco lately.
That would, of course, be true.
I decided to quit smoking last Monday. What a week it’s been.
In case you missed last week’s column, I made it most of the first day without any, but [...]

Thank You Mayor and City Council

Words can hardly express my feelings after hearing the City Council voted not to place a smoking ban before the voters.
I am extremely pleased the City Council has decided to leave smoking policy up to individual business owners. Most of my opposition to a smoking ban is based on property [...]

Special Court Rubber Stamps Spy Requests

The United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court quietly rubber stamped nearly 2,000 government requests to search or electronically monitor people in the United States last year, according to a Justice Department report published last week.
The agency, which oversees requests for surveillance warrants against suspected foreign intelligence agents on American soil, released the report, [...]

It’s All About Control

Consider Liberty, by Mike A. Bozarth
Liberals Want Government To Be Our Daddy
Conservatives Want Government To Be Our Mommy
When you look at the issues of the day and analyze them for what will happen if the changes are implemented, what we will end up with is more control over our lives and less [...]

“Truth In Smoking” Needed–Not A Ban

By Mike A. Bozarth
Those of us who continue to smoke are kind of like the dinosaurs. Our numbers are declining at a rate it will render our addiction (and legal choice) extinct or obsolete in just a few more years.
Zene Kerns, my maternal granddad, liked to boast that he had outlived [...]


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