Conway’s Column

By State Representative Pat Conway, St. Joseph
A very active election night again saw a diminishing number of Democrats headed to Jefferson City in what will be the largest Republican majority in Missouri history. There will be a key role of the Democrat party, knowing that each Bill and any vetoed Bills can be [...]

Amendment 2 Explained

By State Representative Pat Conway (D-St. Joseph)
As the focus of Missouri activity shifts from the events in Ferguson, there are a number of issues that will come up in Veto session and in the November election. I am certain that there will be some roll for the Legislature in addressing the situation in [...]

Constitutional Amendment 1 Explained

By State Representative Pat Conway (D-St. Joseph)
I will continue this week with a summary of the Constitutional Amendment 1 entitled, Missouri Right to Farm that will be on the August ballot.
The proposed amendment was passed by the Missouri Legislature. I will admit that I voted in favor of this Constitutional [...]

Constitutional Amendment 8 Explained

By State Rep. Pat Conway (D-St. Joseph)
It’s time for you to “Decideā€, yes the election is approaching, four weeks from today as I am putting together this week’s column. And indeed the candidates are out working and meeting the voters that they hope will support them. However along with the candidates [...]

Conway Speaks To Tea Party

Conway’s Column, By State Rep. Pat Conway (D-St. Joseph)
A friend and fellow Democrat read in the newspaper last week that I was the guest speaker at the Tea Party meeting at the St. Joseph Library last Thursday. He asked me why a Democrat would be the speaker at a Tea Party [...]

Legislative Session Wrap Up

By State Representative Pat Conway (D-St. Joseph)
st week, probably not that much different than most other closing days of session, was marked with a number of Bills that were passed in the closing days and sent back to the Senate. There were also a considerable number of Senate Bills that were approved by the House [...]

A Wish For More Civility In Government

By State Representative Pat Conway (D-St. Joseph), Telegraph Columnist
A very short column as the year 2013 ends and a New Year and a New Session of the General Assembly will soon begin. It is always a time of great hope and anticipation and probably a slew of New Year’s resolutions. I have [...]

Conway’s Column

By State Representative Pat Conway (D-St. Joseph)
Thanksgiving week has arrived and the prevailing news is the question “What are you thankful for this year? I sometimes have wondered why they always add this year. If you want the specifics of this narrow version, the responding party might say the Chiefs being 9-2 [...]

Conway’s Column

By State Representative Pat Conway (D-St. Joseph)
In the Legislature, consisting of 163 Representatives and 34 Senators, it is taken for granted that each one will have an area of expertise. I take great pride this year in being the Ranking Democrat on the Veterans committee.
In the two previous sessions, I was ranking [...]

Aftermath Of Legislative Session

Conway’s Column, By State Representative Pat Conway (D-St. Joseph)
The aftermath of the legislative session, which includes the analysis of the Bills that passed during the year, is ongoing for next several weeks. Governor Nixon has already vetoed several pieces of legislation and is in contact with Representatives and Senators who voted against specific Bills. [...]


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