Islamist Extremism Is Not The Only Problem

By Harrison Hartley
I spend a great deal of time listening to conservative Christian radio. It is important that I do this because I have a commitment to the study of comparative religions and as a matter of seeking accurate information I am ethically obligated to treat all religions to the same analytical scrutiny. That means [...]

School Bored?

By Harrison Hartley, Columnist, Saint Joseph Telegraph
If you live in Saint Joseph, Missouri, you are possibly bored and probably disgusted. A school system founded on the eve of the Civil War and maintained for the next forty years by Edward Bayley Neely who gave it a solid foundation in ethics and service has received one [...]

The St. Joseph Museums Dilemma Continues

Hartley to Heart…by Harrison Hartley
The Saint Joseph Museum has had a rocky ride the last few years and things are not looking up. There is a new director, and that is hopeful. She brings actual academic museum training and professional experience to the job; qualities lacking since the departure of Roy Coy in 1968. Coy [...]

Part 1: The Pope Proposes Timely Changes

Like all Christians, Popes claim to be committed to certain ideals of character that are both admirable and challenging, and most of them (like most Christians) fall far short of the mark. The current Pope, however, seems to be on track to a very credible showing.
Popes have chosen a regnal name since Presbyter Mercurius selected [...]

Freddy Czerwonka And The Payola Factory

Hartley to Heart, By Harrison Hartley
OR: Scandal at the School Board. Either title works, but are they fact, or fiction? We are on thin ice where diplomacy is concerned (Thumper would be appalled), but questions have been raised, accusations made, and with the added gravitas of an FBI team poking about the streets of Old [...]

World Loses Great Bad Example: Fred Phelps, Sr. Dies

By Harrison Hartley
I will mince no words: if Fred Phelps had been genuinely representative of the Christian character, I’d be the first to call for renovating the Roman arena so I could cheer-on the lions. For those readers who have been vacationing on one of the moons of Neptune for the last fifteen or twenty [...]

“What Place Is THIS?”

Hartley to Heart, By Harrison Hartley
[The following editorial appeared in early January, 2009, on the eve of The Telegraph moving from print to Internet. A reader asked me at the store earlier this week how long ago that was, and it occurred to me that reprinting this might be an interesting answer.]
It’s Basil [...]

“Myth Busting” Thanksgiving

By Harrison Hartley, Staff Writer
Somehow, there ought to be more to Thanksgiving than the “Dick and Jane” mythology we all heard in the Third Grade: “Oh, see Dick! See Dick eat! Eat, Dick eat! Eat more dressing!” Granted an occasional reprieve from self-control is welcome, the commercial taint on most of our holidays [...]

Veteran’s Day: A Contemplation Of Honor

By Harrison Hartley, Telegraph Columnist
“Honor is a private matter within, and every man has his own version of it.” This is the character representing Thomas Becket talking to King Henry II in Jean Anouilh’s masterful drama, “Becket, or The Honor of God.” It was a problematic concept for the Saxon peasant turned Chancellor turned Arch [...]

A Memorial: Helen Loyd Remembered

By Harrison Hartley
One of Saint Joseph’s most beloved citizens took her last bow after a short illness on 1 October, 2013, at age 95. Mrs. Helen Loyd, who made her life a delight for others, kept her irrepressible good humor and gentle disposition right to the end. I confess some prejudice in reporting this: she [...]


Judge Andrew Napolitano - What if We Didn’t Live in a Free Country