The Saint Joseph Telegraph is a weekly newspaper in St. Joseph, Missouri, a city of 76,000 in the northwestern corner of the state.

The first issue was published August 3, 1989 by Scott Johnson. The newspaper offices were in the Stockyards Exchange Building at 601 Illinois Avene.

Guy and Leslie Speckman, publishers of “The Savannah Reporter” purchased the paper from Johnson and published it for about a year out of their Savannah, MO. offices.

Carl Fowler and Greg Fields (2-F Publishing) purchased “The Telegraph” from the Speckmans in February 2007 and continued publishing it weekly until they sold the paper in April, 2008.

Mike A. Bozarth, who had written the column “Consider Liberty” for “The Telegraph” since February, 1993 purchased the paper from 2-F Publishing April 17, 2008 and published his first issue May 1.

On January 15, 2009 The Telegraph became the first weekly newspaper in Missouri to switch to an “electronic only” edition.

On July 8, 2010 The Telegraph again offered a limited printed edition by postal mail subscription and news stands. The focus on future growth for The Telegraph remains it’s website and electronic edition.

The Saint Joseph Telegraph
202 Blake Street
St. Joseph, MO. 64504-1259

E-Mail: news@stjtelegraph.org
Phone: (816) 866-7054
or (816) 754-6462

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